Allegedly, a particular isotope of Element 115 under proton bombardment would get bumped up to Element 116. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The fuel element is installed into the conical housing of the reactor with the conical pointed top of the isosceles triangle oriented downward into the conical housing as demonstrated in the Figure 3 photograph, above. Bend space type shit. i just want to make a anti-gravity device . The craft was a perfectly designed machine. Plasma reactors can generate electricity for the cars of the future, fully electrified. It will be a significant challenge, but I believe we can succeed in this endeavor. ITER is a massive fusion reactor facility that aims to produce around 500 MW of fusion energy when complete with an input of only 50 MW – ten … This would never be allowed unless it was part of a disclosure program. If it’s thickness was increased to only a couple millimeters, it could levitate a small car. Can we actually trust what we see? Experiments for the synthesis of superheavy elements and the predictions of magic numbers are reviewed. The Zero Gravity Research Facility is NASA’s premier facility for ground based microgravity research, and the largest facility of its kind in the world. , Our body’s are the conductors the fluidity. Bob Lazar mentioned that he tried to hit the reactor hemispherical shell with a golf ball. This presentation briefly reviews how this anti-gravity occurrence happens in nature. Tokamak reactors will always fail due to magnetic reconnection issues. airplanes without wings will hover and be protected by magnetic shielding: Railways ( Log Out /  Bob Lazar mentioned that the thermoelectric generators appear to violate the known laws of thermodynamics. The anti-protons used to start the reaction are consumed, so it is a misnomer to refer to them as a catalyst We have interpreted prophecy with the hope of predetermining our future. Deze kniebrace zorgt voor een verminderde druk op het kniegewricht en zorgt voor een betere prestatie tijdens rennen en springen. Anti-gravity is an example of something called a Parity signal. ALPHA is being upgraded and should provide more precise data once the experiment reopens in 2014. De haarspray geeft glans en meer body aan het haar. If antimatter is anti-gravity – and they cannot rule it out – it doesn’t accelerate upward with more than 65 Gs. Anti-gravity Chamber: This is my "Anti-gravity Chamber ". 200 Spare parts and 2 energy cells are required to craft 3x anti-gravity pack. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it. Die Startlinie für R8 Games explosiven Anti-Gravity Combat-Racing-Titel Pacer ist zum Greifen nahe: Ab dem 17. It is possible to make anti gravity ship by just forgetting earth’s gravity. Reply. How is that possible? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. dcohn February 13, 2016 at 11:50 pm. Element 116 is unstable and gives up anti-protons. During combat, if using the Swoop ability, there is an 18% chance that the wearer of anti-gravity boots will fall to the ground.1 The boots consume power constantly each turn while flying. Again, just don’t ask how it is possible. The Gravity Amplifiers focuses this mysterious gravity wave to cause space and time to bend / warp, similar to the intense gravitational field of a black hole. W. Goethe-Universität In real theory, anti-gravity propulsion systems will never be able to reach the speed of light, the minimum requirement for today’s humanity’s objectives. While scientists have created small amounts of antimatter, ranging from positrons, antiprotons, anti-hydrogen atoms, and even a few anti-helium atoms, they haven't been in significant enough amounts to power much of anything. Presumably, this would operate like some sort of warp drive. The anti-protons are directed downward from the wedge and annihilate when they come in contact with protons and produce energy. That's the major difficulty: obtaining a significant amount of antimatter to sustain a reactor. Michael Jackson: Er ist der King of Pop. If anti-gravity occurs in this fashion, then gravitational waves are nothing more than an occurrence of an anti-gravity event. This guy claims to have worked at Area 51 (or more specifically some above top secret site near Area 51) reverse engineering UFOs. I’m not going to link to it because, alas, the kid in the video ventures off into conspiracy theory land claiming that the government already has this technology etc, but it’s still intriguing. However, we discussed the possibility that the reactor is operating in the strong gravitational field that it produces. In general, this is the only fusion reactor that truly encompasses the term "Sun in a Bottle", as it is able to perform both sustainable fusion and gravity. Yoga Inversion Swing - Anti-Gravity Aerial Trapeze - Flying Hammock Purple Product Description Polyester Taffeta 【Professional Design】An 8 feet U shaped seat piece in the middle, the complete set of 2 yoga swing arms with 3 foam handles in both sides, and … As long as there is parity between negative and positive gravity anti-gravity should exist. “We need to do better, and we hope to do so in the next few years,” Wurtele said. Change ). Now given that a superfluid flows with zero viscosity, that means if we were to put it into some kind of centrifuge and spin it, it would not slow down due to friction. De Anti-Gravity kniebrace met krachtige vering bevat een spring-loaded-system die tot 40 kg aan belasting van de knieën kan wegnemen. When antimatter meets matter, both annihilate in a flash of energy. BOB LAZAR’S GRAVITY GENERATOR. Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray Hairspray is geschikt voor alle haartypes. That 3 inch disk in the video is only a few microns thick. If it could artificially create gravity waves to create a distortion in the earth's natural gravitational pull, it would allow the thing to essentially "fall" towards the hole in the gravitation field it creates, which is … Het is een gewichtloze spray die volume geeft en het haar versterkt. It has 64 electromagnets all focused at its center. Unfortunately for we Earthlings, Element 115 is not readily available here and it does not appear that we will be able to develop a manufacturing process, that is, some nuclear reaction, that will be able to produce Element 115 in any appreciable quantities. Bob showed me a scale model of the Matter Anti-Matter Reactor aboard the “Sport Model” Flying Disc. The Fusion Reactor was thought to soon be scrapped as per the old description, until the Reincarnation Update , which gave it the purpose of being one of the best RP yielding furnaces. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Anti-gravity (also known as non-gravitational field) is a hypothetical phenomenon of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity.It does not refer to the lack of weight under gravity experienced in free fall or orbit, or to balancing the force of gravity with some other force, such as electromagnetism or aerodynamic lift. They are fused together in a manner to create a vertical cylinder. Escape Velocity. Antimatter catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion is a variation of nuclear pulse propulsion based upon the injection of antimatter into a mass of nuclear fuel which normally would not be useful in propulsion. The Cosmic Secret - "For time immemorial humanity has looked to the Stars for answers to unlock our origins. The reactor also provides ample power for the three-year mission. In that scene, the protective force field established by the alien craft repelled the bullet and kept it from hitting the coke can. An 'antigravity' propulsion system will be proposed at the Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF) in Albuquerque on Febuary 14 by Dr. Franklin Felber. The production mechanisms for these objects and for antinuclei rest in high energetic heavy ion collisions. Figure 8:Bob Lazar and Ken Wright Displaying“Sport Model” Flying DiscAnti-Matter Reactor Model. An 'antigravity' propulsion system will be proposed at the Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF) in Albuquerque on Febuary 14 by Dr. Franklin Felber. I like your writing style. It poses no danger to the occupants of the craft. If it never slows down due to friction, in theory, that implies we should be able to accelerate a superfluid to the speed of light. I will admit that I did not initially understand how an anti–proton is generated from the bombardment of the Element 115 nucleus with a proton. The Physics of Star Trek and Subspace Communication:  Science Fiction or Science Fact? When the hemispherical dome is installed over the reactor, the gravitational field can be felt. Photos of the model of the reactor are provided below. All my friends think its the Ironman heart (Arc Reactor) which has some similarities. Figure 1:Element 115 Wedge On Topof Anti-Matter Reactor Model, Figure 2:Close-up of Element 115 Wedge On Topof Anti-Matter Reactor Model. Some kind of committee of physicists and chemists will now review the finding before adding it to the periodic table of elements. While scientists have created small amounts of antimatter, ranging from positrons, antiprotons, anti-hydrogen atoms, and even a few anti-helium atoms, they haven't been in significant enough amounts to power much of anything. Measuring about 12in across, the device is said to reduce significantly the weight of anything suspended over it.The claim - which has been rigorously examin… D-60054 Frankfurt, Germany. The conical shape is sliced vertically at the center of the cone to form the wedged Element 115 fuel element that is installed into the Matter Anti-Matter Reactor. Your tax dollars at work. When he threw the golf ball at the shell, it would bounce off before even physically striking the surface of the dome. It has 64 electromagnets all focused at its center. Anti-gravity Chamber: This is my "Anti-gravity Chamber ". All equipment in the craft was installed simplistically and for its specific function. A tremendously rich scenario of new nuclear structure emerges, with new magic numbers in the strangeness domain and new forms of nuclear clusters combined of p, n, \Lambda, \Sigma, \Xi, etc. Various versions of the meson field theory serve as effective field theories at the basis of modern nuclear structure and suggest structure in the vacuum which might be important for the production of hypermatter and antimatter. Bob Lazar described it as if he became a human magnet and he had the same magnetic polarity as the dome of the reactor. The Figure 1 and Figure 2 photographs, above, show the model of the Matter Anti-Matter Reactor opened up with the Element 115 fuel sitting on top of the conical shaped fuel housing. Anti-electrons have a positive charge, so scientists dubbed them "positrons". Perfect As the most effective flight-providing artifact, the anti-gravity boots provide perfect flight mobility, and will never cause the user to crash to the ground outside of combat while powered. Element 115 has one lone proton in the 8th Energy Level and Bismuth has one lone proton in the 7th Energy Level. Essentially everything installed in the craft was one color, the metallic silver color, with the exception of the core plates and the core plate insulating material in the gravity amplifiers. Beyond the sheer coolness of the discovery, the announcement stood out to me for another reason. At the time I wrote it I was largely being facetious (stated in the post) and was pretty sure it was wrong but it was fun to dream. With that said I want to turn our attention to an idea for creating an anti-gravity drive that, at least to me, sounds like it could plausibly work. Putting The US Postal Service Out Of Its Misery, Bitcoin Mining Explained Like You're Five: Part 2 - Mechanics, Bitcoin Mining Explained Like You're Five: Part 1 - Incentives, Bitcoin Explained Like You're Five: Part 3 - Cryptography. Unlike in classical mechanics, quantum systems constantly fluctuate in their lowest energy state as described by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. There may very well be a material on Earth that can produce the gravity field in like manner to Element 115. A cylindrical cap is installed onto the top of the conical shaped housing, analogous to installing a bottle cap onto a bottle as indicated by the Figure 4 photograph, above. by Rémi Saumont. Further on, investigations on hypernuclei and the possible production of antimatter-clusters in heavy-ion collisions are reported. OLIEVRIJE VOLUMISER EN SETTING LOTION Houd je perfecte look onder controle met ANTI.GRAVITY. Each proton/anti-proton annhiliation reaction generates 1,862 Million Electron Volts (MeV) of energy. Nukeproof Reactor 290 Comp Alloy Bike (SX Eagle) The all-new Nukeproof Reactor is named after their 1996 original, but that's where the similarity ends. That cylinder is cut into a conical shape. At this point, the reactor is still shut down. Recall that in the “Government Scientist Goes Public” article, it was mentioned that the fuel pellets were about the size of a 50 cent piece and weighed about 223 grams. The theory that the craft's reactor works by using anti-gravity. He also says that the Government has knowledge about these extraterrestrial visitors. There was no indication that any heat was being produced by the reactor. So I’m adding this disclaimer because the physics is definitely wrong and I don’t want anyone to be mislead. "However, the positron reactor offers the same advantages but is relatively simple," said Smith, lead researcher for the NIAC study. This element would then rapidly decay, releasing antiprotons in the process. An object moving at the speed of light would imply infinite mass. plasma reactors with double magnetic fields will hover cars, trucks, ships, airplanes: Aircraft industry. All my friends think its the Ironman heart (Arc Reactor) which has some similarities. But nuclear reactors are complex, so more things could … Needless to say, there aren’t any physicists that would endorse such a claim. For craft using anti-gravity for flight, craft without wings. This device has the possibility of disproving the existence of dark matter altogether by demonstrating that strong gravity is mainly based upon the mass confinement of … ANTI.GRAVITY. Daarnaast zorgt … Like superconductivity there is another bizarre state of matter called superfluidity which is where fluids flow with zero viscosity. As every star, planet, and satellite in the universe was exerting a pull on every other one, the anti-gravity spaceship literally reached out, grasped hold of the desired gravitational "rope" hanging down from the sky, and pulled itself up it. All told I’d have to give Lazar an A for effort. Index and Direct Hyperlinks to the Other Web Pages on this Website:, “Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory” Chapter XI, “Properties of the Strong Nuclear Force, Nuclear Properties of Bismuth, and the Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory”, Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field, History of My Research and Development of the Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory, “The Zeta Reticuli Incident” by Terence Dickinson, Supporting Information for the Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory.
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