Through the trees we needed the extra layers, but into the sunshine we were t shirts. It's about 2.5km past the Sunshine Village exit heading west on the TransCanada Highway. There is a small parking lot and an outhouse at the trailhead. The trail from Bourgeau Lake to Harvey Pass is even steeper than it was before and after few hundred meters it gets rocky which makes the climb more challenging, but it is perfectly doable for any moderately fit person. We did pass a waterfall on the way in, then the trail climbs steeply up a headwall. Sky Meadows State Park offers rolling farmland and foothills for horse riding. and a great workout. This review is really for hiking to Harvey pass via Bourgeau Lake. There is a small parking lot and a restroom at the trailhead. Help others by being the first to add a review. Why go the extra mile: This is one trail that just keeps on giving. So glad we made the effort even though it made for a long day! It’s a tough hike but worth it! The first 7.5km of the trail to Bourgeau Lake is mostly in the forest, with very limited view. Horseback riders on the new Meh-tek-kos Bridle Trail at York River State Park. Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors, Learn more about the apps for Android and iOS. There is marked signage both directions. It’s a leg burner that’s for sure. This hike loops around the entire G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area and is one of our favorite in the winter months. Trail users may still access the park and should adhere to proper social distancing guidelines. The route runs along Wolverine Creek, which flows into Bow River. Great wooded trails for riding at Lake Anna State Park. We continued on past Bourgeau Lake to Harvey Pass. To Harvey … Once at the pass the view of the valley is astounding with larches and amazing mountains. Encountered a bear on the trail down approx. Good steep incline. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. We are near Skyline Drive, Civil War battlefields, Washington, D.C., caverns, historical sites, wineries, the … 10cm layer of powder snow, ice below. The community park trailhead has plenty of parking available. Plenty of lakes and a waterfall. Interesting notes: we chose this hike as we wanted a somewhat gentler and well-maintained trail however the north facing trail resulted in the snow on the trail starting about 2 km from the trailhead The 7.5 km Bourgeau Lake trail is a popular summer’s hike up to an exquisite mountain lake. It was hip deep snow in many places in June last year. The modestly difficult but rather long trail runs for 13 miles (about 20 km) inside Banff National Park and is one best-kept secret. Well worth it! Mount Bourgeau Trail is a 15.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. We are 1.5 miles west of the Appalachian Trail; 1.5 miles east of the Shenandoah River. Amazing. The trail is in great condition with no hazards (except all the mosquitoes). The start and end of the Bourgeau Lake trail is very easy Snowshoeing to Bourgeau Lake on a grey November day And this is why snowshoeing all the way to Bourgeau Lake when there is a heavy snow load is NOT a good idea – rather a large avalanche zone! Bourgeau Lake Trail is a 10.9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The easy, sometimes moderate hike to Bourgeau Lake offers hiking pleasure in perfection. Of all the lakes along the Bow Valley,  Bourgeau Lake is closest to the town of Banff. Hike to Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass, in Banff National Park, AB, Canada. After enjoying a break at the head of the lake, pass to the right of the water and follow the rougher path upwards, enjoying the wonderful views down upon the lake and the enormous cliff face of Mount Bourgeau. I miss the water. Beautiful lakes and views all around. During clear Friday nights the Observatory Park is open during the evening to view the stars. Wildlife is abundant in the area, so keep your eyes open. Lots of horse flies as well. Five on longer than the 17.6 All Trails shows. The original plan was just Bourgeau, but they wanted more! After a steep ascend over numerous turns, we cross Wolverine Creek beneath several waterfalls. Keep an eye out for marmots that are found around the lake and the nearby meadow. It starts at a tiny parking lot off Canada Highway 1. Well graded switchbacks and a beautiful waterfall half way up. While for many people Bourgeau Lake is a trip in itself, the real magic is the journey up to Harvey Lake and Harvey Pass. Would do it again in a heart beat. After steadly going up 12 November 2020 at 17:00-18:00: Partly cloudy, Temperature -15, 0 mm, Light breeze, 2 m/s from southwest The trail was very well marked the whole way. Great day, amazing weather for Oct. 3. Accessed off the Trans-Canada Hwy. Be sure to stay updated on the trail conditions before going hiking in Banff. Directions. There are some flowy sections, a few stream crossings and tough (double-track) climbs/descents, plus a couple rock gardens. Awesome hike. Bourgeau Lake Trail is a 17.5 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trails have hosted various mountain bike races and events, including the Legend of Lake Fairfax and the NoVa Epic, and countless trail running races, but still retains a quiet, bucolic, natural feel that makes you forget that you’re a scant 1.5 miles from the booming Reston Town Center. Report on a Trail hike trip Harvey Pass and Lake via Bourgeau Lake on 2020-10-08 It is my favorite peak I have done so far because the trail is in good condition, 3 lakes and a couple streams for the dog and I to get water (I always bring water treatment tabs just in case I need to use the lakes/streams!) The trail offers a number of activity options. You can see BC at the top. Details. Hike along Babel Creek to Consolation Lakes, which are fringed with stunning glacier clad mountains. Summer through fall is typically the best time but check with Banff National Park for current conditions. If you're set on getting to the lake, snowshoes could be a good choice. Bourgeau Lake/ Harvey Pass is one of my favourite hikes from my Banff days. The trail head is at Bourgeau Lake Parking Lot, southwest side of Trans Canada Highway, 2.5km west of the overpass of Sunshine Ski Area, in Banff National Park. Lake Fairfax is a nice little park in a great location that is slowly turning into a decent MTB destination. Beautiful scenery, excellent conditions! Healy Pass, Simpson Pass and Sunshine Village, Sunshine Meadows via Banff Ave and Citadel Pass. Trailhead: Bourgeau Lake parking area A steady climb through lush forest and across mountain streams lead to Bourgeau Lake which is enclosed in a glacially carved amphitheatre. Also known as Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass. Poles highly recommend. Lakes and waterfalls. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until September. The Consolation Lake trail is a favorite family hike near Lake Louise, and can be paired with the Moraine Lake Rockpile and Lakeshore hike. We start our tour at the Bourgeau Lake parking lot, just off the Trans - Canada Highway. Length 15.8 mi Elevation gain 6,315 ft Route type Out & Back We went pretty fast, alot of jogging with several breaks for dog to have food water but finished in 5 hours. We got the last spot in the parking lot at 9:30am on a Sunday morning. We have two small lakes, each about half an acre in size. From the lake, a 2.2 km more difficult trail continues upward to Harvey Pass where exceptional views extend to snowcapped peaks along the Continental Divide. The trailhead for Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass is on the west side of Trans-Canada Highway approximately 5 miles west of Banff. Ascending from the lake will take you past multiple tarns and slopes dotted with wildflowers. I did it once in 2016 to the lake only, and once in 2017, to the pass, and with a partial attempt to the summit of Mt. Outstanding alpine views from Bourgeau Lake to Harvey Pass. Beautiful views. Great hike!! To check trail warnings … There are several challenging ice climbs on the opposite side of the mountain that can be viewed via the Sunshine Ski Resort gondola. We then return on the same route to the trailhead below. We finished in 6 hr! And if weather conditions or time constraints dictate, there are two destination points along the way where you could turn back and still have had a great hike.The first section is an easy to follow trail sometimes used by horse mounted park rangers that leads 7.4 km to Bourgeau Lake with an elevation gain of 750 m (2460'). So happy to have bear spray and did not have to use it. We had three All Trails app running, distance recorded 21.4 - 22.2 km. State law requires that visitors carry a copy of a negative Coggins report with each horse brought to the park. If you are visiting to hike the 2.3-mile long Reservoir Trail, please park at Brambleton Community Park West (22389 Belmont Ridge Rd.) Very nice hike. It’s easily accessible from the town of Banff and Canmore as it’s only a 10-15 minute drive to the parking area. Quite windy at the saddle today. I guided a couple of great guests up to Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass. Taking a look at Bourgeau Lake over the coming week and the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 0°C, with a high for the week of 2°C expected on the afternoon of Friday 16th. Trailhead to Lake: 7.5 km one-way with 725 metres elevation gain Lake to Summit: 8.5 km one-way and an extra 770 metres of elevation gain. A leg burner for sure. Camping There are no campsites on Bourgeau Lake Trail. T he 52-acre park, formerly a dairy farm, is situated with the old Dairy Barn, an Observatory that gives you a glimpse into space, run by The Analemma Society, equestrian facilities, a "tot-lot," hiking trails, and a picnic area. The Redearth Creek to Shadow Lake is an impressive 14.5km slog through forest trails where glimpses of the 3,311 metre Mount Ball peak in and out of the tree line as you get closer and closer to Shadow Lake. There is a lot of on-going work here, and trails have been dramatically improved in the last 2-3 years. Cleats will do at this point. For changing the range of view, push the arrows together. The mean minimum temperature will be -12°C, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Thursday 22nd at -19°C. NTS Map: 082O04Elevation Gain: 710 m (2,330 ft).This 7.5-km trail climbs the slopes of Mt. Got to camp at the lake for like 5 days while the trail was closed. Great trail with excellent views! Sometimes, trails can even get icy or snowy in the summer. Almost 8 miles in length and with an elevation remaining under 2,200 feet you can still have a great hike when the daylight hours are shorter. Bourgeau Lake and Harvey Pass. This makes it a great hike for those staying in Banff town as you can see the colossal mountain from the center of town and its a short drive. WHERE TO RIDE. 01-12-2020: Adhere to all posted warnings and closures along trails; Trail details: Moderate Lake Minnewanka Winter Trail: Icy conditions: 01-12-2020: Studded tires recommended; Trail details: Moderate Tunnel Bench Winter Loop: Snow covered with icy sections. Partially closed, check trail details for additional information. Also, for someone who loves hiking as much as I do, summits aren't really my thing. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until September. Glorious early winter conditions. Beautiful trail ... went till the lake ... gradual elevation and a fabulous hike ... Did this hike yesterday with my dog and went to the peak, 24km return with 1450m elevation gain. Bourgeau Lake is the closest subalpine lake to the town of Banff, with a trailhead on the Trans-Canada Highway about 13 km west of the Mount Norquay Interchange. Calgary-based hiking, scrambling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing club. Located between the highest and most spectacular mountains in the region and surrounded by lush, high alpine meadows, for decades it is thus one of the most popular hiking destinations for tourists in the regio,   This 7 km hiking trail takes us up the slopes of Mount Bourgeau up to the mountain above Bow Valley. Do you have questions regarding this content? 710 meters of elevation gain to Bourgeau Lake; the trail is of medium difficulty due to the steeper final 2 km and the overall distance . 5 Up and 3 Down. Incredible views including a valley of golden larch past the 3rd lake. It can be accessed going both east and west. 2km from the parking lot. Stay on the trail, and when you pass the small unnamed lake… We stopped short due to knee-deep post-holing for the last 500m to the lake, but it was reasonably well-defined until that point. Bourgeau Lake is set within a massive amphitheater of limestone and the summit of Mount Bourgeau looms high overhead. Here it is worth taking a short rest before the last steep section up to Bourgeau Lake plateau. Mount Bourgeau is a great trail for hikers looking to have a full day out and one of our favorites in all of Banff. Right to the top of Harvey Pass.....amazing views, sun was shining.....including lunch and a few photo ops, 8 hours! About 700 meters of altitude must be conquered to rest on the lake´s banks with beautiful views. and access the trailhead as shown here. Absolutely amazing hike! And layers for sure. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Boom Lake Trail Long hike, larger than All Trails shows. At the trailhead we follow the signs through dense forest in the Wolverine Creek Valley, until we have a first clear view after less than 2.5 km. To Bourgeau Lake: 7.5 km one way, 725 mt elevation gain. The closest camping is back in the town of Banff. The turn-off is approximately 0.9 miles past the Sunshine Village Ski Resort exit. Bourgeau, aborted due to very windy conditions. great trail. 7/ BOURGEAU LAKE → MOUNT BOURGEAU. We´re welcomed by juicy, flower-filled meadows and further back on the shore even pikas, squirrels and white-tailed ptarmigans. Great views. Fantastic hike! Mount Bourgeau is a 2,931-metre (9,616 ft) tall mountain in the heart of Banff National Park promises some extraordinary views. It’s pretty steady up the whole way, but not to steep anywhere. Lots of switch backs in between trees for a long period but once you are out of tree runs the view on the way and on the top is magnificent! Absolutely stunning views at the top. Located between the highest and most spectacular mountains in the region and surrounded by lush, high alpine meadows, for decades it is thus one of the most popular hiking destinations for tourists in the regio, This 7 km hiking trail takes us up the slopes of Mount Bourgeau up to the mountain above Bow Valley. So many beautiful litlle lakes! This hike ascends through a Douglas fir forest. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Views were incredible from the pass, Good gets tough the last 2km It snowed the whole way up today and snow was collecting especially past the first lake. Enter through the gate to begin. Be careful though cause there can be horses and hikers. Total descent is between 10-14 minutes depending on how sendy you wanna get. Of all the lakes along the Bow Valley, Bourgeau Lake is closest to the town of Banff. The avalanche activity at the lake was quite extreme, but can be viewed from a safe distance. Mt Bourgeau Weather (Days 0-3): The weather forecast for Mt Bourgeau is: A dusting of new snowTemperatures will be below freezing (max 0°C on Tue morning, min -14°C on Sun morning)Winds decreasing (severe gales from the W on Sun night, light winds from the SW by Mon afternoon). This trail is a very fast, tight, and flowy trail starting at the upper Ted Lake parking lot. Bow Valley  is now below us and the Sawback range in the background. Ask them here. 2 hours 50 going up and 2 hours 20 going down. Fabulous day!
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