R: 358 Cals… Vanilla Lite Milk Tea. Peach Slush (Cold) $6.59. Chatime draws from traditional Taiwanese tea concepts to create our delicious fusion of flavours. Horlicks Milk Tea. Alishan Jinshyuan Tea; Black Tea; Brown Sugar Pearl with Milk; Ceylon Black Tea Mousse Caramel Latte. Mango Smootea. Small. Honeydew Milk Tea Ori. RM1 for the second cup from 3 – 6 pm only! A sweet chocolate milk tea drink with subtle hints of malt R: 370 Cals; L: 570 Cals * * calories displayed for the drink prepared with normal ice and normal sugar. English Fresh Milk Tea… Japanese Matcha Tea Latte. Jasmine Green Milk Tea. NEW Chatime x Kellogg’s® Corn Pops® Milk Tea (Cold) Our Classic Chatime Milk Tea blended with the delicious flavour of Kellogg’s® Corn Pops® cereal! Frosted Flakes® Milk Tea … Honeydew Slush. ... Chatime Milk Tea. Caramel Milk Tea. Chatime emphasizes the concept of health and exquisite Taiwan tea, the world-renowned brand of milk tea chain! Hazelnut Chocolate. Fill up the enquiry forYes. Our world famous milk tea, brewed from premium loose leaf black tea. Brewed Oolong Milk Tea. Peach Black Tea. Besides that, you could also order through their official website, by BeepIt. Chatime's Caramel Milk Tea uses Chatime's classic smooth and creamy milk with the bold taste of caramel for a touch of richness. © Copyright GO2POS 2020. $6.59. Premium Crush Coffee. Hazelnut Milk Tea. For the tea lovers! Filter flavours. Roasted Milk Tea. Our Frosted Flakes® Milk Tea is a twist on our Chatime Milk Tea with the taste of Kellogg’s® Frosted Flakes® cereal! Cappucino. Japanese Matcha Tea Latte. Yes, you can. Tuesday ---- 11:00AM - 9:00PM Iced Lemon With Lemon Jelly. ... Caramel Pudding Smootea With Oreo … Matcha Red Bean Smootea. ... Chatime Milk Tea. ... Caramel Pudding Smootea With Oreo Cookies. Passion Fruit QQ. Hazelnut Milk Tea. $6.79. Filter flavours. Chatime Milk Tea. Grass Jelly Fresh Milk. ... Salted Caramel Milk Tea. ⁣Pick up your favorite tea or try something new. Coffee Smootea. Try it out as a mixed tea or milk tea! Plum Green Tea. ... Chatime Pearl Milk Tea. Caramel Milk Tea. Horlicks Cocoa. 80% Sugar. ... Pandan Nyonya Caramel Milk Tea. Cocoa Smootea With Oreo Cookie Pieces. - +. Chatime Milk Tea. Chatime Milk Tea. Our world famous milk tea, brewed from premium loose leaf black tea. Roasted Milk Tea. Hawaii Fruitea. Cham Fussion. Hazelnut Milk Tea. Earl Grey Pearl Milk Tea. Matcha Red Bean Smootea. Strawberry Pudding Au Lait. Strawberry Pudding Au Lait. *Lactose-free $4.49 Salted Caramel Roasted Milk Tea Sunday ---- 11:00AM - 10:00PM. Caramel Latte. Visit any Chatime branch and request for a Chatime Membership Card. ... A decadent mix of brown sugar caramel, brown sugar pearls and your choice of milk. Choose from a selection of delicious flavours to add to your milk tea! Coffee Specialtea. Sea Salt … Peach QQ. Both apps are downloadable on Google Play or the App Store. We are positive, full of personality, genuine, and ultimately exist to give our customers a fun flavor experience. Salted Caramel Milk Tea (Cold) $6.59. Regular. Wintermelon Grass Jelly. Delicious and classic $6.09. 120% Sugar. Matcha Latte (Cold) $6.59. This drive pushes us to innovate in every aspect of how we deliver our products and service and ensures that we always resonate with our customers and are relevant to their ever-evolving needs. Peach QQ. All Chatime branches are certified halal. Using Chatime's classic smooth and creamy milk tea with the bold taste of salted caramel for a touch of richness. Iced Lemon With Lemon Jelly. Chatime Milk Tea. Lemon Green Tea. 2 Chatime Milk Tea Pearl (R) + 1 Caramel Milk Tea Pearl (R) 2 Chatime Milk Tea Pearl (R) + 1 Caramel Milk Tea Pearl (R) 50,000 79,000 Caramel Milk Tea. Modern Milk Tea. Hot Drinks. Vanilla Lite Milk Tea. Chatime Milk Tea. Cham Fusion. Interested in learning more about Chatime drinks? Mango Green Tea. ... Caramel Milk Tea. Thus, check out the complete and updated menu and prices for Chatime Malaysia below: Chatime has a lot of outlets here in Malaysia, but typically, you can find their outlets in big shopping malls. Yes, you can. Passion Fruit QQ. No. The fun will be ‘lived out’ in our dealings with all internal and external stakeholders, including; customers, staff, suppliers, and contractors. Peach Smootea. English Fresh Milk Tea. Hazelnut Chocolate. Caramel Pudding Smootea With Oreo Cookies. Japanese Matcha Tea … This way, shoppers can order and drink while doing their shopping or after they’re done with their shopping! Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (Cold) $8.09. Honeydew Milk Tea. Honeydew Milk Tea… Monday ---- 11:00AM - 9:00PM Lemon QQ. Americano. Cham Fussion. Chatime Milk Tea. Wintermelon Grass Jelly. Delicious and classic. Chatime offers a wide variety of beverages on their menu. Earl Grey Tea. Superior Pure Cocoa. You’ll need to pay a registration fee of RM10 and get a free drink worth RM5.90. Hazelnut Milk Tea. Banana Milk Tea; Black Tea; Black Tea Latte; Black Tea Mousse; Brown Rice Green Milk Tea; Brown Rice Green Tea; Cappuccino; Chatime Milk Tea; Chatime Roasted Milk Tea; Chatime Roasted Tea; Chocolate Mousse; Cocoa Smoothie; Coffee Smoothie; Grape Fruit QQ; Grapefruit Green Tea; Grass Jelly Milk Tea; Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea… $6.79. Hot Drinks. ... FLAVOURED MILK TEA. Oolong Tea. We continuously develop new drinks to keep our menu fresh and dynamic. Honey Lemon Aloe. Peach Smootea. Check out who else enjoy and love Boat Check out who else love and enjoy Chatime! Thirstea Thursday is back! Salted Caramel Milk Tea Cold. Horlicks Cocoa. Vanilla Lite Milk Tea. Roasted Milk Tea, Milk Tea, Chatime Tea. Momochacha Caramel Milk Tea. Horlicks Smootea. Plum Green Tea. Thursday ---- 11:00AM - 9:00PM 1703 Portland Ave, Nashville, TN 37212 +1 615-730-8287. [email protected] Latte. Chatime Roasted Milk Tea … Honeydew Milk Tea. Caramel Milk Tea - Informasi review / ulasan dan katalog online, gambar, rasa, paket promo, varian Daftar Harga Menu Chatime Sweet and creamy, with a hint of nuttiness, this milk tea is packed with flavour. Matcha Red Bean Smootea. $6.59 [Cold] Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea. Striking the balance between rich dairy flavours and natural tea taste, Chatime’s milky iced tea is perfect for those who crave cool drinks with a twist. Coffee Smootea. Yes. Chatime Milk Tea. However, you can also opt for delivery in Chatime. Browse our tea drink menu to get more flavour notes and calorie information! Cappucino. ⁣ Get our limited edition Chatime Dalgona Series while stocks last!⁣ ⁣ Imagine the creaminess of the dalgona with our signature drinks!⁣ ⁣ You may only get this limited edition drinks at these 5 outlets:⁣ 1) Chatime @ Plaza Shah Alam⁣ 2) Chatime @ Jakel Mall⁣ 3) Chatime @ Subang Parade⁣ 4) Chatime @ Kota Damansara⁣ 5) Chatime @ Melawati Mall⁣ ⁣ Reach us through⁣ • chatime.beepit.com⁣ • @foodpandamy ⁣ • @grabfoodmy, A post shared by Chatime Malaysia (@chatime.malaysia) on Apr 28, 2020 at 7:07pm PDT. Japanese Matcha Tea Latte. For any further enquiries or updates and promos from Chatto, follow them on their social media accounts here: You can also ask them any questions or give feedback by filling in a form on their website here. $6.59 [Hot] Salted Caramel Milk Tea. Chatime … $6.59 [Hot] Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea. Earl Grey Pearl Milk Tea. Our promise of quality means that we’re serving our customers the best tea-based drinks in the world. At Chatime we are committed to the highest standard of quality in every element of our business. Mango Green Tea. Chatime is still one of the brands that are on top of the list. Lychee QQ. Mango Green Tea. We’re committed to ensuring the freshness and flavor of every drink we make and pair this with a commitment to operational standards that are unmatched in our industry. Chatime's Wintermelon Iced Tea is perfect for those who love the flavour of sweet caramel. Quantity. Lemon Green Tea. Chatime Milk Tea Hot. Japanese Matcha Tea Latte. Brewed Oolong Milk Tea. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6uqQconW-W/?igshid=1t7w9xqez0hv1, https://twitter.com/g8tfo/status/1265275772941463554?s=19, https://www.instagram.com/p/CAfvCjRg3Fn/?igshid=1vw1ui44gdq5i, Sushi Zanmai Malaysia Menu and Price List (Updated 2020), Seri Muka Recipe: How to Make Yummy Authentic Seri Muka, Rotiboy Recipe: How to Make Homemade Rotiboy, McDonald Delivery: Order McDonald Delivery in Malaysia, Yong Tau Fu Recipe: How to Make Homemade Yong Tau Fu, Pulut Panggang Recipe: How to Make Delicious Pulut Panggang, Pasembur Recipe: How to Make Pasembur at Home, Caramel Pudding Smootea with Oreo Cookies. Chatime … Despite the growing numbers of bubble tea brands around, customers still flock to Chatime, unable to resist getting their favourite drink from the Chatime menu. Brewed Oolong Milk Tea. … Regular. ... our wintermelon milk tea has a sweet, robust caramel flavour $6.49. ⁣**T&C Apply⁣#chatimemalaysia #thirsteathursday, Oh yes we did!⁣ ⁣ Hey #chatimegang, since you have tried the rest, let's give you the best! Friday ---- 11:00AM - 10:00PM Cocoa Latte. Chatime Milk Tea. ... Chatime Milk Tea. English Fresh Milk Tea… Fill up the enquiry form here. $6.59. Vanilla Lite Milk Tea. Honeydew Milk Tea. Vanilla Latte. Grapefruit QQ. Honey Lemon Aloe. Oatmeal. We are relentless in our pursuit of creating the ultimate experience in freshly brewed tea drinks.
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