Well, as with all things food, it depends. Chocolate milk is rich in saturated fat and cholesterol - they can cause problems in excess, so watch your intake Too much milk may increase your risk of prostate cancer The dairy industry … If your child is allergic to milk, avoid chocolate milk and other flavored milks. Given all the publicity around sugar-laden drinks, high fructose corn syrup and unhealthy weight in kids, offering chocolate milk to your child can be a confusing prospect. While the optimist (and dietitian) in me knows that children can get calcium from other sources, the realist in me thinks differently. A nutritional recovery drink is taken to help the body recuperate from physically strenuous activity. Chocolate milk, on its own, delivers a large number of nutrients that are essential for the healthy development of the body. Good post Jill! I believe the influence on your child’s diet boils down to how often and how much your child is drinking chocolate milk. What important information should I include? If you feel that your child is consuming too much sugar but would still like him/her to reap the benefits of chocolate milk, what we recommend is that you only serve it alongside prepared meals at home instead of in school. But, there’s more to the story. Fortified dairy products can also contain a certain percentage of RDA for trace nutrients. But that number represents both sucrose and lactose. We’re talking about yogurt, whole milk, skim milk, etc. Is Chocolate Bad For You? A review of calcium intake and status in children indicate that up to 50% of children as young as 2 years are not getting enough calcium. Food allergy may warrant avoidance of milk and all foods made with milk. Children like to eat food that tastes good, and that holds true in the case of drinking milk. When we feel full and satisfied, we’re better able stop eating! Design and development by Ansley Fones. This is a more realistic approach rather than to declare wholesale that kids should avoid all kinds of drinks (including chocolate milk) that contain added sugar. Three cups and you are up to 90% of the daily RDA. Casein is the protein component from which “curds” in cottage cheese and cheese are made. On the whole, based on the composition of chocolate milk, it is not as lousy soda or other sweetened drinks. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that soy milk contains … [And some adults get nervous about sugar being too addictive and causing cravings for more sweets.]. Ultimately, I hope you will have enough information to feel good about your stance, whatever it may be. These can improve health by acting as antioxidants. It can be purchased pre-mixed with milk or made at home by blending milk with cocoa powder and a sweetener (such as sugar or a sugar substitute), melted chocolate, chocolate syrup, or a pre-made powdered chocolate milk … Hopefully, this post will give others some points to think about as they navigate all the “fun foods”. For one, chocolate milk has natural sugars, something I tried to clarify in this article about common milk myths. There are good nutrients to be had, especially calcium and vitamin D, which are not always easy for kids to get enough of when they skip out on milk. I know that without milk and dairy products, my kiddos are unlikely to get what they need, especially for calcium and vitamin D. I aim for 3 servings of milk or dairy per day. It is so important that we stay focused on the big picture when discussing childhood nutrition, balancing nutrients and calories, portion size and frequency into the discussion. You may find chocolate soy milk to be a refreshing and sweet drink, as well as a healthy one. That’s why I stock it in my home routinely. Many schools have eliminated chocolate milk. In short, yes. We'll assume you're ok with this. I have recently posted something similar on my blog too. It’s called a “fast protein,” entering the blood and muscles quickly to expedite muscle repair and recovery. From soccer players to cyclists, it appears that, when consumed after prolonged exercise, the combination of carbohydrate and protein has positive effects on the body’s ability to recover and rebuild muscle. This will be an ongoing process, something that you can adjust and tweak as your child grows up. Chocolate milk isn't just for kids. I'm Jill, a pediatric dietitian and mom from Connecticut. Jill, I just came back from a high school presentation and heard about students who regularly skip breakfast and lunch and after school when they are famished they head out for fast food. It would also help if your child is physically active and is interested in fitness. American, Gouda and Muenster Cheese Nutrition Guide, 15 Small Kitchen Tips That Conquer 3 of the Most Common Small Kitchen Design Issues. It’s a “fun” food that my oldest son feels is a “treat”, but I know is chock full of nutrition. Does dairy cause acne? I'm here to help you nourish and nurture your child, with food and positive feeding interactions. I find ways we can work it in reasonably. The same is true for low fat chocolate milk–it contains the same fat as low fat white milk. On the whole, based on the composition of chocolate milk, it is not as lousy soda or other sweetened drinks. Chocolate milk is considered a flavored milk. Subscribe our Newsletter for new blog posts and promotion. kid on February 6th, 2020 - 4:00am . @2020 - All Right Reserved. Chocolate milk tastes sweeter than plain milk (and we’re talking cow’s milk … There’s about 8 grams of protein in chocolate milk. Getting the superior version of the same product that your kids’ love would be a parental effort that is well worth undertaking. If your child is really drawn to chocolate milk and you find he’s drinking too much, you may need to lay down some guidelines. Another essential point to consider here is serving size. Consumption of milk and foods made with milk can cause swelling, hives and anaphylaxis. Ethan, What Does Polenta Taste Like and What Can…, Is Sashimi Healthy: The Real Facts You Have…. Protein is also filling. Unfortunately, many parents may hear “chocolate” and think sugar. Satiation is an important component of appetite regulation. What is the problem? My book, The Calcium Handbook, can help further your understanding of calcium-containing food options to include for your child so that you can help your child build strong bones. The purpose of this website is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge. Many children enjoy it at lunch. The health benefits of milk chocolate are (sadly) few and far between. But there’s more to the story behind the sugar in chocolate milk. Also if we get rid of chocolate milk, kids will most likely throw away white milk. This isn’t a bad tradeoff considering that your child is probably also consuming added sugar from other food items. Reply. Eating chocolate … Chocolate milk has an abundance of nutrients that children need for healthy growth and development, including protein, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium. The sweet cup of milk can make a healthy addition to any diet, but be careful not to overdo it on the chocolate syrup. CCHHOOCCOOLLAATTEE MMIILLKK IS BAD for you. A relatively inexpensive source of a lot of essential nutrients for recovery. Yeah… We do not want to inadvertently give children too much chocolate milk because of the calories that come with every serving. No particular brand, just chocolate milk in general. The darker the chocolate, the higher the phytochemical content. Is chocolate milk good for you? Chocolate milk is a dairy product combined with sugar, chocolate, and some other additives that make the beverage more palatable and appealing to both adults and kids. How many calories does chocolate milk have. This is a great post Jill! But of course, I like nearly all foods, and want my kids to be open-minded and like them also. Chocolate milk can be part of a healthy and satisfying diet as long as you keep the quantities consumed in check. Thanks for making it! It’s a balancing act, just like everything with kids! I know because it has to much sugar, but who cares it has the same nutrients that regluar milk has such as calcium and protein, vitamin A, D, B12 and chocolate milk also help help children meet their daliy requirement. Always seek the advice of a nutrition professional or your physician with any questions or concerns. Accept Read the Privacy Policy, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, Iupilon High-quality and Non-slip Plastic Cutting Board, 5 Healthy Alternatives to Bread That Can Help…. Everything begins at home when it comes to proper nutrition and diet. Just a few include berries, beet juice, and watercress. Whey has been researched extensively in sports nutrition. 2-4 more grams Chocolate content of the beverage can help stimulate the organs, including the liver and muscles. I agree with you, if you get rid of chocolate milk, studies show that white milk consumption does not go up. Compare Milk to Chocolate milk by vitamins and minerals using the only readable nutrition comparison tool. Is Tito’s Vodka Gluten-Free: Is All Vodka Gluten-Free? Don’t forget the 9 important nutrients that are present in this healthy drink for kids. If you’ve got an athlete, you might be interested in my popular sports nutrition book for young athletes, called, Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete, where I cover the research and role of flavored milk. Thank you for your thoughtful post on this topic. Chocolate milk … In 1988 alone, chocolate was scientifically accused of causing itching, causing migraines, and causing indigestion. not a lot Chocolate milk is generally made by mixing cow’s milk with cocoa and sweeteners like sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. chocolate milk has 9 essential nutrients and tastes good. The health benefits certainly outweigh the bad. When it is pulled out of schools, overall milk consumption drops by an average of 35%. A bar of chocolate of weighing 44 grams contains 235 calories, 13 … Ultimately, whether you choose to offer chocolate milk to your child or not, the decision is yours. Think about too much fruit and the resulting trips to the bathroom. The main point of contention with beverages like chocolate milk is the presence of added sugar. School lunch programs across the country have been scrutinized for making flavored milk part of the lunch fare for children. If you have an active child who loves sports and just being generally active, chocolate milk is also touted as a great recovery drink. Added and natural sugars will help replenish lost energy in the muscles themselves. This is something we can help with at home. Also, it would be a good idea, like we said earlier, to teach your child what a single serving looks like. Rich in nutrients. It trains kids to have a sweeter palate — if your child is constantly drinking chocolate milk, he/she … It’s not a good idea to offer three servings of chocolate milk, so make sure you rotate foods in this category. I do chose to make my own, using a popular national brand powder… and very truthfully, make it quite “weak.” But it’s the perception & the little bit of added flavor that makes it such a special drink for my 4 year old. The key is to make sure that your child is physically active, so he/she can burn off the excess carbohydrates from beverages. Designed and Developed by iupilon.com, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The case against chocolate milk for kids is that it contains too much sugar and too many calories. Unless you are shifting to completely homemade beverages, which is possible, dealing with added sugar is something that you would have to do daily. I hope others find your take on chocolate milk as encouraging as I did. This article reviews whether chocolate milk is good or bad for your health. You can learn more about it here. It definitely is if you are looking for ways … Chocolate milk may help close that gap and helps kids build strong bones. The extra sugar has been researched and found to have an ideal blend of carbohydrate and protein. Keep in mind sweetened milks like chocolate or strawberry milk can have more sugar in them and are also a source of added sugar. Growing up in elementary school, we always loved Fridays for numerous reasons—mainly the weekend! The lactose in cow’s milk can be difficult for people to digest, resulting in … It Increases Your Risk Of Cancer. I’m not sure. I am careful not to vilify or eliminate flavored milk. Keeps Your Skin Healthy. I actually love this debate and get asked this question by many of my clients. I believe that these shortfall nutrients may create some real health problems for children as they age, particularly in their bone health. Thanks for including this added information! Chocolate Milk is good can I have more facts. Still, research is not conclusive. It eliminates having to purchase chocolate milk and the … When you combine sucrose from added chocolate and naturally-occuring lactose from milk, it can certainly look like a hefty dose of sugar! Unfortunately over time, an improved acceptance of white milk did not occur, making overall consumption of milk decrease. I say you should keep it because there was more pros than cons and pros reasons where better! As I see it, making flavored milk the bad guy gets us stuck in the muck, and it becomes difficult to classify and navigate the other foods in our less than perfect diets.
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