Licorice is a botanical, a shrub native to southern Europe and Asia, the roots of which have two primary desirable qualities: first, some varieties of licorice root are fifty times sweeter than sugar and may be chewed or eaten as a sweet and making it a useful component of candies and flavorings; second, licorice has been for thousands of years sought after for its reputed medicinal qualities. Pour contents back into glass. Stir constantly the content to prevent it from burn and to facilitate the dissolution of the pieces. It’s really quite simple. Strain and filter. google_ad_width = 120; directions. ... Pork chops with walnut liqueur, prunes and liquorice by Andi Oliver. Strain and filter. amazon_ad_tag = "magicoflicori-20"; amazon_ad_width = "120"; amazon_ad_height = "240"; amazon_ad_product_images = "hide"; amazon_ad_link_target = "new"; amazon_ad_discount = "remove"; amazon_color_link = "CC0000"; amazon_color_price = "CCCCCC"; amazon_color_logo = "CC0000"; amazon_ad_exclude = "sex"; amazon_ad_categories = "j";//-->,