THE UNIVERSITY CLUB One West 54th Street New York,NY 10019 212-247-2100. The gymnasium houses state of the art treadmills, stationary bikes, a fitness studio, running track, full-sized basketball court, free weights and all manner of cardio and weight-training equipment. Also as detailed below, New York City contains more than any other American city, including the Yale Club of New York City, the largest traditional gentlemen's club in the world. We are proud of our network with more than 50 clubs overseas. You can also complement your workout with some light poolside dining. Options abound in New York City Enjoy these university clubs—no degree required By Amanda Brynn, Director Member Services WAC members love visiting our reciprocal clubs, and one of the most popular is the New York Athletic Club. Using the reciprocal clubs is easy - but there is a process. The Union Club of Cleveland 216-621-4230 Hotel, Athletics, Dining New York Athletic Club New York, NY CLUB ADDRESS: 180 Central Park South New York, NY 10019-1562 MEMBERSHIP PHONE #: 212-767-7025 MAIN FAX: 212-767-7014 MAIN PHONE #: 212-767-7025 WEBSITE: EMAIL: [email protected] RESERVATIONS: 212-767-7135 / 800-699-3293 CLUB MANAGER: Roger Simon CLUB LOCATION: Midtown Manhattan, 180 Central … The Yale Club's network of carefully-selected reciprocal clubs includes popular destinations across the US and around the globe. University House at The Australian National University. If you prefer personalized attention, the Fitness Center on the fourth floor has an array of equipment staffed by some of the best personal trainers in the city. Access to the Beach Club is only available with an overnight stay at the Downtown location. The Princeton Club 212-596-1200 More than 200 Clubs from around the United States and the world have reciprocal agreements extending guest privileges to members of The Army and Navy Club. The following is a list of clubs available for members. In addition to the enticing pool, you'll find a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and the never to be missed Spout Room. Reciprocal Clubs The club that crosses oceans. Reciprocal Clubs Membership at Coral Beach grants you access to several other prestigious private clubs across the globe. Guest Rooms. But in the Big Apple, our network […] A major benefit to members of the Green Boundary Club is our excellent and diversified list of reciprocal clubs. If you happen to be traveling to any destination where one of our reciprocal clubs is located, simply request a letter of introduction from our Club Secretary and you will be able to use the facilities of that club at your leisure. Tel: (212) 767-7135 Fax: (212) 767-7137 Overnight Accommodations: Yes. And please let us know if you notice an error or anything requiring revision. If you prefer personalized attention, … So while you're traveling abroad, we encourage you to take advantage of your NYAC membership!. New York Athletic Club 212-247-5100 Hotel, Athletics, Dining There’s no doubt it’s a great place and an iconic club. Using the reciprocal clubs is easy - but there is a process. It includes many top rated prestigious clubs such as 5 Star Platinum City Clubs, hunt clubs, country clubs, athletic clubs and several very unique clubs like The Players in New York City and The Magic Castle in LA.. You will be cc'd at the email address you have on file with the Yale Club. ... Privileges at reciprocal clubs are another benefit of membership in ... New York,NY 10019 212-247-2100 CENTRAL PARK O W AY UNIVERSITY CLUB MUSEUM OF MODERN ART GRAND CENTRAL STATION Reciprocal Clubs § Dining Only Club * New Reciprocal Club. Penn Club of New York. A letter of introduction is required to visit reciprocal clubs. If you have a club you would like to see added to our reciprocal list, please forward the name and website to [email protected] or call Kimberly at 6739-4360. Activities range from card playing to basketball to dancing to backgammon to fishing to golf, among many other activities. Because being a gentleman, scholar and jolly good fellow doesn't end at graduation. (212) 767-7135 or (800) 699-3293 Front Office. In addition to the enticing pool, you'll find a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and the never to be missed Spout Room. If you prefer, you can request a Letter of Introduction from any member of the Yale Club membership staff by calling  212-716-2131 . The New York Athletic Club 180 Central Park South New York, New York 10019 Phone: (212) 247-5100 Fax: (212) 767-7137 reciprocal club, and the dates of your visit. (212) 767-7137. Reciprocal Club Members are subject to Guest Card fees in addition to all athletic, social, food and beverage fees when utilising the NYAC Facilities (City House and Travers Island). If the Midtown Manhattan Clubhouse isn't enough convenience and comfort, you can also enjoy all the benefits of your DKE Club membership at similarly elite clubs throughout the world. The New Club, as Scotland’s pre-eminent private Members’ Club, has reciprocity with an extensive list of other historic and high quality Clubs around the world. It is the policy of all reciprocal clubs to obtain payment for visits to their clubs at the time of departure by use of credit card. Letters can be sent by logging onto your member account or contacting The Club. Reciprocal Club Recommendations. The New York Athletic Club's Junior Programs are led by top-class instructors who teach sport-specific skills and techniques along with the universal lessons of teamwork, etiquette and sportsmanship. Intra Club events include parties, ski and fishing trips, both in the USA and abroad, snooker tournaments, whitewater rafting and much more. The Denver Athletic Club 1325 Glenarm Pl. The subsequent pages list both our domestic and international reciprocal club partners. NYAC members enjoy golf privileges at five of the finest courses in the Tri-State area. As a member, your ties with the Harvard Club are long lasting and far reaching—to nearly 140 network clubs worldwide. And please let us know if you notice an error or anything requiring revision. These clubs include the Royal Air Force Club in London, the New York Athletic Club in New York City, the Marines' Memorial Club in San Francisco, The University Club of Chicago, The Cercle National des Armees … Featured Reciprocal Club GREEN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB MILLBRAE, CALIFORNIA. We are actively looking for Member suggestions of Reciprocal Clubs to add to our current list.
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