The renown faculty at Widener University’s master’s in social work online expect students to complete 64 total credits for program completion, 23 in advanced coursework and 35 in core coursework. What are the Most Popular Online Master’s Degrees? A majority of this figure is comprised of undergrads, whose numbers total about 32,500. The undergrads comprise the majority at almost 18,000, with postgrads with a relatively small population of 2,000. What is the Difference Between Non-Profit and For-Profit Online Universities? Today, more than 21,000 students are enrolled each semester. The elderly are susceptible to all kinds of problems as they grow older. Enrolled students also have the option of pursuing an individualized course of study. Portland State University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. It was founded in 1880. Keep in mind, though, that these programs can vary significantly from one school to the next. US College Towns With The Best Public Transportation: Commuting Is A Breeze At These 50 Colleges, Want to Work from Home? UND has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1913, when the Association was first organized. The Virginia Commonwealth University is a publicly managed academic institution that has a strong research component. Boise State University is a publicly run university that operates a 285-acre urban campus in Boise, Idaho. This specialty teaches social workers to handle the needs of those impacted by crime and the justice system, including both victims and perpetrators. Will School Districts Look Favorably on an Online Education Degree? Their athletic teams, called the “Sharks,” play in the NCAA Division III. And there’s good news! Their sports team nickname is the “Fighting Illini,” and they’re playing in the NCAA Division I – FBS. Ohio State University, also known fondly as OSU, is a public education institution with a strong foundation in research. Social work also requires that individuals in this field earn a professional license to work. The Advanced Generalist Studies concentration is one of the most common concentrations for MSW programs, including no GRE online MSW offerings. The most popular are those who will work in education and casework management. Today, it is the largest educational institution in Alaska. Curriculum and Coursework. They call their sports teams the “Trojans.” They play in the NCAA Division I. USC has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since March 6, 1949. It was established in 1899, but it only opened its doors in 1903. U.S. Q: Can I enroll in an online MSW program on a part-time basis? Website Points: 8. Social work is a helping profession that has the potential to be highly rewarding, both personally and financially. How do I Know Which Degree Suits Me Best? The CSWE has provided accreditation for over 200 schools of social work within the United States. Students will also take advanced clinical practice courses such as Clinical Case Evaluation, The Health Care System, and Advanced Clinical Practice. has been continuously accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1931. is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 22,000 of these are undergrads and the rest are postgrads. IU was founded in 1820. No campus visits are required; however, students are invited to visit the campus for orientation and graduation. Students will also take advanced classes like Evaluation and Treatment of Trauma-Related Conditions, Social Work Practice in the Military, and Ethical Foundations in Social Work Practice. The program prepares students for success in careers as healthcare social workers, mental health and substance abuse social workers, and child and family social workers, for example. Today, ASU averages more than 110,000 students, which is comprised on about 90,000 on campus and just a little over 21,000 online students. What is the Employment Outlook for the Health Care Management Field? Their sports teams are called the “Saints,” and they play in the NAIA – RRAC. The program is flexible as well, featuring full and part-time scheduling options and three start dates per year. Current data puts the enrollment numbers of CSUN near 40,000 students. The curriculum is comprehensive and features course titles such as Social Work Practice with Families, Trauma: Theory and Treatment, Mental Health Practice in Social Work, and Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment. Is a Fraternity or Sorority Membership a Resume Builder? What Kinds of Certifications Will I Need to Maintain After Graduating with an IT Degree? Depending on their chosen concentration, students will take additional classes such as Advanced Social Work Practice in Integrated Healthcare, Fundamentals of Social Work Administration, Advanced Foundations of Human Behavior for Administrators, and Management of a Social Agency. A: The minimum GPA considered for admission into an online MSW no GRE program is a 2.5. A research capstone, independent study, or thesis is also required. You’ll be the resource and case manager to help individuals and families connect with the services they need. How Much Can You Make With A Sociology Degree? You might work in public administration, for a government agency, the court system, a non-profit organization, or even a medical facility as a resource coordinator. NMSU features an affordable online master's in social work degree that follows a full-time format. Depending on your preferences for online vs. classroom learning and your past education, you can choose from one of these three types of programs. 50 Colleges With The Oldest Architecture In The U.S. 50 Great (and Mostly Cheap!) The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is the most commonly required test. Career opportunities for graduates include positions as clinical mental health social workers, case managers, therapists, clinical practitioners, substance abuse counselors, and more. BU, as it is referred to, has a strong research focus. This is primarily composed of undergrads (7,200). Our Lady of the Lake is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Students will focus on a Clinical Practice specialization. This number is composed of an undergrad majority at about 89,000. While students in the Standard track will earn their degrees in 24-33 months, Advanced Standing students can finish in as few as 16 months. Accelerated 8-week online classes are available. It was founded in 1876 as the Iowa State Normal School to train teachers. An internship is also required as a culminating element. In this concentration, students learn about different policies, how to change policies, and how to be more innovative with analysis. The program mirrors the school’s on-campus offering and is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Students can choose to specialize in one of four advanced practice areas—Organizations and Community, Evaluation, Policy Practice and Advocacy, and Individuals and Family. A field education component is also required. It now works closely with such as city institutions as the Cleveland Clinic, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and the popular Cleveland Play House. Over time, BSW graduates can earn comparable salaries to mid-career wages for MSW graduates. No GRE Required Because of the very high demand for nurses generally, many high quality online MSN programs no longer require you to take a standardized test for admission. The University at Buffalo is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to award this degree. Advanced coursework includes classes like Hispanics in the U.S.: Policy and Programs, Social Work with Hispanic Youth, and Evaluation of Social Work Practice with Hispanic Children and Families. They can provide the perfect complement to your education through literature and conferences. What is the Job Outlook for the Nursing Profession? This was a small privately owned prep school but soon grew to what it is today. The University of Southern California, also known as USC or South Cal, is a privately owned and managed university that has a 299-acre urban campus in Los Angeles, California. There are several MSW programs online … How Can I Stay Safe While Studying Abroad? Are Hospitality Associate’s Degrees Accredited? What is the difference between a BA and a BS degree? Is it Worth Going into Debt to Earn a College Degree? Boston University is a privately operated university with a 135-acre urban campus in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1804, but it was only in 1809 that the first 3 students were enrolled. WebsiteStudent to Faculty Ratio: 18:1Points: 6, The no GRE online master’s social work option from Saint Leo University is a full-time program designed to be completed within two years. It was established in 1845 but traces its heritage to 1841 with a meeting by the Union Baptist Associate, which decided the need to establish a Baptist university. This is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Regis University was founded in 1927. The purpose of this seminary was to help bring in some civility to Denver, which was a mere mining camp at the time. WVU, as it is fondly called, has a strong research focus. Don’t wait until after graduation to join these organizations though. Students may also choose from elective classes like Telebehavioral Health Social Work Practice with Individuals, Foundations of e-Social Work Practice, and Mental Health and Addictions Practice: Individuals and Families. Today, there are about 29,000 students enrolled. Indiana University, or simply IU, is a state-run public university that operates 9 campuses across 3,640 acres. It was founded in 1899 with a strong feminist vision of females being independent. You might work for a government agency, and non-profit community organization, or start your own grassroots movement to effect change for the social good. As an additional factor, we excluded any schools not accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Yeshiva University is a privately owned and operated education institution that has 4 urban campuses in New York City. The accreditation status for any graduate school is important. We chose each of these schools for their accreditation status, degree offering, and online learning platform. It was founded in 1870 as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College through a land grant. Their undergraduate university is exclusively for female students only while their postgraduate programs are open to both genders. Columbia University in the City of New York is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to award this online master’s in social work with no GRE requirement. How Can I Best Prepare For a Grad School Interview? Social Work & Child Welfare: Students learn about at-risk factors for children in abusive situations, as well as how to help them transition into better homes through adoption, foster care, and child protective services. How Important is it to Declare a Major in the First Year of College? This specialization trains students in the unique needs of Hispanic families and children and encompasses topics such as bridging cultural differences, language barriers in social work, interventions for Latino families, and more. Social work is very rewarding to those who want to help out special needs groups and learn about assistance for those who are less fortunate in the community. The university formed in 1967 after a merger of Western Reserve University (1826) and Case Institute of Technology (1880). Their athletic teams are nicknamed the “Razorbacks” and are part of the NCAA Division I. UArk is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Students with a BSW can earn an MSW in as few as 18 months; students without a BSW can earn an MSW in as few as 27 months. It has 4 campuses in total, 3 in Louisville and 1 outside of the U.S., in Panama City, Panama. ASU plays as the “Sun Devils” in the NCAA Division I. Arizona State has been continuously accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1931. Current student enrollment is over 60,000 students. The most common one for health care professions is the GRE examination. Is an Associate’s Degree in Business Worth it? Some online master’s in social work programs with no GRE requirement provide opportunities for students to customize curriculum content by selecting an area of concentration. The program is offered through the school’s College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines and the Department of Social Work. Students will learn about leadership skills, developing an approach to their concentration, as well as how to be innovative within the field to affect greater change. Here are a few of the careers that are most popular currently: Whichever specialty you choose to work in, the most important attributes you’ll need are compassion, high organization, and critical decision-making skills. A program is considered a hybrid offering if it requires multiple visits to campus prior to earning the degree. Students will take two online classes at a time for a total of 62 credit hours of coursework. Students enrolled in the program can expect to take courses like Human Behavior in Local and Global Social Environments, Social Work Intervention in Child Abuse & Neglect, Advanced Social Work Research, and Spirituality in Social Work Practice. These figures do not distinguish between degree types, so let’s take a look at that next. On average, they have about 46,000 students enrolled per semester. About 3,300 are postgrads. Will My Employer Pay for My College Tuition? The program prepares graduates for careers as social workers, mental health counselors, community services managers, and sociologists, for example. Fordham is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Mizzou, as it is fondly called by students and faculty, operates a 1,262-acre urban college town in Columbia, Missouri. Their current student census has a total of just about 5,000 students. Also, the site has ranked this online MSW #1 in the country for online programs. It has also been ranked among the top public schools and top national universities in the country by U.S. News & World Report.Net Price: $12,533, WebsiteStudent to Faculty Ratio: 17:1Points: 12, Indiana University-Bloomington offers an online no-GRE master’s in social work program that can be completed entirely online. The University of South Florida, also known as USF, is a state-run university that operates a 1,913-acre urban campus in Tampa, Florida. Undergrads make up the majority at about 23,000. It’s best to speak to an admissions counselor at the college or university you’re interested in attending if you have a specific question about a particular no GRE online MSW program. For 13 years, has been dedicated to helping students like you finish your degree faster. Beginning in 1846, it was originally a private medical college. This fine online MSW program is ranked #11 currently by US News and World Report in the field of social work. Undergrads comprise the majority at 33,000. Boston University: The online no GRE Master’s in Social Work from Boston University is a part-time offering featuring majors in Clinical Practice and Macro Practice. Their sport nickname is the Patriots, and they play in the NCAA Division I. George Mason is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Regis College is a privately owned and managed educational institution that operates a 132-acre suburban campus in Weston, Massachusetts. A graduate field practicum is also required. Students learn how to assess families, children, individuals, and special needs groups, supporting them with programs and assistance directly related to their group. How Do Journalism and Media Studies Go Hand in Hand? They call their sports teams the “Mavericks.” They play in the NCAA Division I. UT Arlington is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate, master, and doctoral degrees. An Advanced Standing option is also available. What is the Difference Between College and University? Your duties will likely include hiring case managers, directing staff, implementing and evaluating services, and ensuring your office stays within budget. Rutgers is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The current student census of Tulane University is just about 14,000. Their sports teams are called “Pride,” and they have an NCAA Division III affiliation. Classes will include titles like the following: Another increasingly popular concentration within online Master of Social Work programs is the Social Services for Hispanic Families. Its school of social work offers a regular and advanced standing program for social work students. Today, BSU has no declared religious affiliations and is considered independent. Three annual start dates add to the flexibility of this online MSW program. MSW vs DSW Degree + 3 Online Options; Human Services vs Social Work Which is Best? They call their sports teams the “Wolf Pack.” They’re playing in the NCAA Division I. UNR is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The University of Northern Iowa is a state-run university that has a 900-acre urban campus in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It was founded in 1913 as the Humboldt State Normal School. Online Master Programs No Gre Required Class format can provide online programs no gre required application fee to show you qualify They call their sports teams as the “Fighting Hawks.” They’re playing in the NCAA Division I. How Long Does it Take to Get an Associate’s Degree in Accounting Online? Their athletic teams, the “Bobcats,” are playing in the NCAA Division I. Texas State is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. What is the Difference Between Micro and Macro Economics? Online No GRE Scores Required: Advanced Standing Program available. CSUSB is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. In addition, online MSW programs that do not require the GRE for admission are no less rigorous than programs that do require applicants to submit standardized test scores. The MAT (Miller Analogies Test) is another. The University of Denver is a privately owned and operated educational establishment that has a strong research focus. What are Some Good Time Management Strategies to Employ at College? The curriculum for the program consists of foundation courses such as Dynamics of Groups, Agencies, Organizations, and Communities; Distributed Learning Community; Social Work Practice in Native American and Rural Communities, and Generalist Social Work Practice. The University of Missouri is a publicly owned educational facility that has a strong focus on research studies. How Popular are Online Bachelor’s Degrees? Current enrollment is 13,743 for on-campus and online studies. Social Work professionals who want to see their careers grow or are looking to become social work professionals choose online MSW programs. The Spartans play in the NCAA Division III. Current figures on enrollment have the student population a little over 25,000. Their sports teams are called “Wildcats,” and they play in the NCAA Division I. UNH is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Located in Vermillion, USD offers an online MSW for those who are passionate about social justice. Simmons is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. How Important is Retention Rate When Looking at Colleges? Today, enrollment figures are at about 10,000 total students. U of L was founded in 1798. The first class was officially started in 1872. This university was founded in 1890 as the Marion Normal College. This university has a strong focus on research. Is an Online Computer Science Degree Looked on Favorably in the Industry? Their sports teams are called the “Wildcats,” and they play in the NCCAA Division I and NAIA Division II. They call their sports teams the “Bulls.” They play in the NCAA Division I. USF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate, master, specialist, and doctorate degrees. Current data has its enrollment exceeding 15,000. Students wanting to earn this certification can take courses that help them understand the high standards of care necessary to be a case manager. Additional Resources. Today, there are about 8,500 students enrolled in any given semester. There are micro and macro theories in these courses, allowing students to structure their philosophies on social work practices. What are the Duties of a Human Resources Generalist? What Recyclemania Tells The World About American Colleges And Recycling, Where Can A BSN Take You? Simmons University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Students enrolled in the program will take core courses such as Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Generalist Macro Practice, and Foundations of Policy. BSU, as it is fondly called, has a strong research focus. Through social services, people can live healthier lives and gain access to benefits that they didn’t know were there to help them. How do I Define the Value of a Master’s Degree Program? Thinking About Going to Grad School During the Recession? Humboldt State is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, certifying the quality and effectiveness of Humboldt’s degree programs and educational activities. Is Earning a Hospitality Associate’s Degree Worth It? #6  California State University – Northridge, #7  California State University – San Bernardino, #44  University of Tennessee – Knoxville, 50 Best Online MSW Programs No GRE [2020 Guide]. No GRE scores required; Summary. Students with a BSW can earn an MSW in as few as 18 months; students without a BSW can earn an MSW in as few as 27 months. Does Campus Housing Affect the Value of My College Experience? Its sports teams are called the “Maccabees,” and they play in the NCAA Division III. How Can I Best Keep Up with My Classwork? Do You Need A Degree To Be A Computer Programmer? What Types of Jobs Can I Get With a Degree in Sustainability? Advanced degree candidates need only complete 36 credits total. Students enrolled in the program will take foundation courses such as Social Welfare Institutions, Policies, and Services; Issues in Policy and Service Delivery; and Research Methodology and Design, for example. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. The total land area of these campuses is about 2,600 acres. How Much Can I Expect to Make in the Field of Human Resources? Employment for healthcare social workers will rise by 17%, as well. There are numerous options, some of which include Physical and Mental Disabilities and Rehabilitation, Social Work in the Health Care System, Substance Abuse, and Racism and Ethnocentrism, for example. 10 Great Scholarships for X-Ray Technicians, 15 Great Scholarships for College Freshmen, 15 Great Scholarships for College Juniors, 15 Great Scholarships for Transfer Students, 19 Great Scholarships for Youth Adopted From Foster Care, 20 Great Scholarships for Average Students, 20 Great Scholarships for High SAT Scores, 20 Great Scholarships for Out-of-State Students, 25 Great Scholarships for College Students, 25 Great Scholarships for Graduate Students/Grad School, 25 Great Scholarships for Pharmacy Students, 25 Great Scholarships for Theater Students, 25 Great Scholarships for Young Black Men, 30 Great Scholarships for Communications Majors, 30 Great Scholarships for Journalism Majors, 30 Great Scholarships for Pre-Med Students, 35 Great Scholarships for High School Seniors, 35 Great Scholarships for Online Students, 40 Great Scholarships for First-Generation College Students, 40 Great Scholarships for International Students, 40 Great Scholarships for Kinesiology Majors, 41 Great Scholarships for Business Majors, 45 Great Scholarships for Latino Students, 50 Great Scholarships for Non-traditional Students, 6 Great Colleges for Volleyball Scholarships. Students will also take advanced classes like Evaluation and Treatment of Mental Disorders, Program Leadership and Management, and Advanced Social Work Interventions. For example, students may learn about what factors affect certain ethnicities and how those can be prevented through different approaches. MSW graduates earn about $8,000 more than BSW holders in entry-level social work positions. Preparing for these tests can be time consuming—and expensive. Students will explore topics such as child abuse, domestic violence, child-parent relationships, financial and economic hardships within families, and more. The online master’s social work no GRE offering from the University of North Dakota is an advanced generalist program that requires just one or two campus visits. The Master of Social Work (MSW) online program from Baylor University enables aspiring social work professionals to serve and empower vulnerable populations worldwide. Columbia University: Columbia University offers an online MSW no GRE program that emphasizes real-world application of skills. Their sports teams are called the “Mountaineers.” They have an NCAA Division and ACHA Division affiliation. Students enrolled in this type of MSW programs will take courses like those listed below: Online MSW programs with a concentration in Direct Practice with Children and Families trains students to work with individuals of all ages as part of a family approach to social services. Admissions Requirements for Online No GRE Doctoral Social Work Programs. Return on Investment (ROI) According to, Flexibility of the Program (asynchronous course delivery, hybrid options, part-time/full-time schedule, etc. ) What Can I Expect My Freshman Year of College to be Like? There are a few different licenses available to social workers today, including: Check your state’s requirements for earning and maintaining these licenses. Many schools choose to evaluate students on this more individualized basis and either do not require GRE scores for a master’s degree at all or include them as an optional indicator in your application. It is the flagship member of the University of Alabama System. A big majority of this is undergards at 22,000. The online programs allow you to study a variety of degree options, but it does not require a GRE to get into the school. Typically, students without a BSW will take a 2-year MSW program, completing 4-6 semesters of coursework. These courses will test a student’s ability to provide therapeutic services and assistance for children, especially when they could be dislocated from the rest of their family. Is Choosing a College That Emphasizes Diversity a Good Idea? is an advertising-supported site. Executive Leadership and Administrative Practices: For those students interested in management, supervisory roles, and administrative services, these courses teach you about hiring policies, evaluations, staff management, and strategic planning to build better social work environments. With these numbers, it actually ranks as the largest in America. WVU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which guarantees the quality of the university as a whole.
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