Book with Confidence - Free cancellation 48 hours prior to trip date. #45 of 800 Outdoor Activities in Cape Town. Experience the exceptional and come face to face with a great white shark! Shark Cage Diving in South Africa. South African Government awarded us with the highest score during the shark cage diving permit application and evaluation process. There are few things more exhilarating than looking a great white shark in the eye, while appreciating the sheer beauty of these magnificent creatures. Come and see how much we care. About Shark Cage Diving South Africa Thrilling cage diving experience close to Cape Town.A unique opportunity to visit the wonder of the great white shark in a safe and professional environment. Consequently, our shark cage diving trips are longer than any other operators with the smallest group sizes in the industry. Seals swimming en route Occasional sightings of Dolphin and Whales in season Penguins and various other bird species, Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (world’s richest floral kingdom and various large mammal species). The exact world record white shark is a contested issue, but chances are it is between 6-7m. Shark Bookings is the oldest central booking office for shark diving trips and tours in South Africa, operating in Cape Town, Gansbaai, Mossel Bay and Durban. The first and most famous is Gansbaai, a small town located 165 kilometers southeast of Cape Town. Get up close and personal with these magnificant creatures of the deep and learn more about their role in the ocean's ecosystems. There are three places to go cage diving with great whites in South Africa. However, we will try our best to offer you the best possible chance to see these majestic creatures. We offer the best of the best shark cage diving trips in various locations, the most popular being Cape Town and Gansbaai. Do it together! Scenic Helicopter Flight incl Shark Cage Dive with fabulous aerial views of the Atlantic coast's rugged coastline and wave swept shorelines. The shark dive takes place near the fishing town of Gansbaai, just a short 2-hour drive from Cape Town. join us on this epic 5 day shark diving tour in South Africa. Only a 45 minute drive from Cape Town makes this early morning Shark Diving, Simon's Town experience extremely popular so make sure you book well in advance to secure your space on the boat. We offer cost effective shark cage diving Cape Town packages. Shark cage diving in South Africa is one of the most celebrated adventures in the country, Cape Town being one of the most famous places to do it. Shark Alley, where all the Shark Cage Diving takes place and is a short 15 - 20 min boat ride from Kleinbaai and separates both Dyer Island ( a 20ha Nature Reserve home to a number of sea birds including the vulnerable African Penguin, endangered Bank Cormorant and Roseate Tern ) and adjacent Geyser Rock ( home to a colony of Cape Fur Seals, the Great White Shark's staple diet ), from the mainland. Weather conditions and shark behaviour can be unpredictable, so shark sightings are not always guaranteed. Seal Island in False Bay is home to over 60,000 Cape Fur Seals and is the Great White Shark’s hunting ground for Cape Fur Seal pups during the months of May - Sept. Certification of Excellence ... Travel time from Cape Town is roughly 2.5 hours. Gansbaai, a small dreamy fishing village, is precisely where our thrilling diving tours start. Experience freedom in a cage. Nearly 40% of our clientele are return guests and our longer expeditions are led by some of the world’s most respected shark scientists and biologists. -  Longer time and less guests in the cage on average per person of any shark operation. We are well known for our eco-system styled approach to our shark diving experiences, rather than just being shark-centric, we offer our guests the chance to step back and stay naturally connected. Our destination is an underwater channel which lies between two islands. Both Kenya and Tanzania have offered very good opportunities. Experience South Africa's Sharks upclose! It is our hope that through our expeditions, you will come away with an appreciation for the wildlife we are fortunate enough to encounter. We offer different types of shark cage diving South Africa packages to meet the varying needs of different people. Shark Diving in Gansbaai has become well known as the Shark Cage Diving Capital of South Africa. Countries Visited South Africa Top Destinations Visited Cape Town, Cape Whale Route, Garden Route There was a challenge in the ability of the destination to attract overnight visitors because of a limited product offering in the area. It is one of the most popular activities among visitors to Cape Town. This gives all who attend take part, a great opportunity to experience these animals holistically. You will be totally blown away. We know how to get close to the sharks while maintaining respect as we care and love the sharks. Special thanks go out to Amanda for the use of the image which forms the focus of this website and which has now made it into the Guinness Book of Records Animal Section. Licensed & Insured Operators Local and foreign visitors flock from around the country to witness this spectacular Great White Shark hunting phenomenon also known and Breaching & Natural Predation. Latest Recorded Great White Shark Sighting as at time of publishing: 10 March 2020 from Kleinbaai harbour in Gansbaai, South Africa In order to make it easier to choose the location that best suits your requirements, we have listed the differences below: Don't take our word for it! Here’s how we make sure you always get a great deal on a shark cage dive. Adventure meets Conservation! Shark Diving in Gansbaai has become well known as the Shark Cage Diving Capital of South Africa. A short 10 - 15 minute boat ride will take you out to Seal Island where you will sink beneath the water within the safety of the cage to see these awesome Great White Sharks. I would … Some Great White Sharks have been known to jump as high as 3m high. Where can you go shark cage diving in South Africa? Check out our reviews to see why we have consistently been rated the number one shark cage diving company in False Bay. Therefore 40% of all Apex guests are repeat guests, the highest repeat rate in the industry! Shark Cage Diving GansbaaiA truly unique experience. Shark Cage Diving and Viewing from Cape Town. From Cape Town to Cape Town A great 3 day Great White Shark Diving Package in Gansbaai, South Africa. Only a 2.5 hour scenic drive from Cape Town makes this fantastic Shark Cage Diving Adventure a must for all visitors. The meeting point is at our crewhouse in Simon’s Town. Special Offer Price: R17,400 per person " 0 Book your Shark Dive & Heli Trip Here Monique and Chris have been going to sea almost daily for the last 18 years and are driven by their passion for marine wildlife. The White Shark Cage Diving happens in Gansbaai city, which is about two hours from Cape Town and very close to Hermanus, a quiet seaside city where you can see whales and dolphins in the sea from its shore. Email us for YOUR special rate. Whilst most people probably feel it is not the ideal time to travel right now, we have taken a different view. Our Ethos: Respect, admiration and passion for wildlife that is shared through a safe, educational and personal experience with every guest who we are fortunate enough have join us. it took us about 25 minutes to With year round Cage Diving & Surface Viewing , it draws visitors from all round the globe. 08:00am - 18:00pm CAT. The cages are securely attached to the boat and extend no more than two meters below the surface so a diving qualification is not required. Before a tour stats, you will also receive an introduction to how you should behave above or when in the cage. Before jumping in, you'll learn about the … The ethos behind our shark cage diving business is based on our love for the wildlife we encounter. We are committed to conservation. Enjoy a continental breakfast before the boat launch around 08h30. The water is cold, you will need to use a wet suit. Apex Shark Expeditions is therefore on the cutting edge of marine wildlife photography giving photographers who take a shark tour with us, amateur and professional alike, fantastic guidance to capture the best possible shot without compromising the animals. Safety Information - Cape Town Shark Diving in South Africa All ships in our fleet, steel cages, and medical equipment are inspected by government agencies on a regular basis. Only a 2.5 hour scenic drive from Cape Town makes this fantastic Shark Cage Diving Adventure a must for all visitors. We pioneered shark cage diving in cape town 24 years ago, making us the industry leaders. Photography Tours South Africa; ... Cape Town Day Tours & Adventures; Johannesburg Day Tours & Adventures; FAQs. Please fill in the form and we’ll get right back to you. Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 0600 - 2200. Situated in Cape Town, we operate the best shark cage diving in one of the most richly diverse oceanic habitats in the world, Expert, passionate and friendly guides offer you a fun and insightful shark diving experience. ... 15 Oxford Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa publishing(AT) replace (AT) with @ All … No scuba diving certification or qualification is needed to get into the cage to see Great White Sharks. Most shark cage diving operations are done with stern-mounted cages. We offer the smallest group size of any shark diving operation in South Africa by 50%. Witness a Great White Shark explode through the water with such force that they come clean out of the water. From ubiquitous penguins; to the melee of 64,000 seals; the rush of riding alongside a pod of dolphins; to the awe of a predatory shark; our aim at Apex is to take you back to that place where you found peace and a connection with the natural world during an unprecedented time. Share. Mossel Bay is situated along the Garden Route, an 1 hour 20 minutes from Knysna and offers some of the best Shark Cage Diving in South Africa. Great White Shark Cage Diving - BOOK NOW! Kirstenbosch gardens. While the sharks are our primary focus, we adopt an eco-system approach and our trips are much like going on an African safari. It was one of the coolest things ive ever done in nature. Home of the most sharks per square kilometre in the world +27 649760105. Rated #1 by industry peers, we strive to deliver excellence by being the only Shark Cage Diving Company to offer exclusive & private tours with limited seating capacity for extra comfort, safety and dive time! Experience White Shark Diving in Cape Town situated a mere stones-throw away from the southernmost tip of the African Continent.
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